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    The Beauty of Off-Grid Living

    The Beauty of Off-Grid Living

    Jaded by the mundane grind of modern society, many of us dream of running away to the wilderness. So, why not actually do it? Why not move off-grid, to a beautiful place where you can connect with nature and live a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle? You can be completely independent from "the system", and decrease your negative environmental impact...the list of positives goes on! Here are just some of the awesome things about going off-grid:


    Simply put, living off-grid gives you freedom! Freedom from stress and freedom from society's problems. Freedom to stray away from the norm and ideologies of others. To work your own hours and not have life dictated to you. To explore nature, yourself, and your capabilities.

    Incredible Nature

    One of the best parts about living off-grid is living in nature! You get to set up your pad in the most beautiful places. Places untouched by man, and unpolluted. You get to enjoy fresh air and incredible views. Plus, you get the biggest backyard in the world, full of amazing activities! There's forests to explore, mountains to hike, beaches, rivers and lakes to swim in... You also get to enjoy the peace and tranquility of mother earth - you learn to live in the moment, and that does wonders for your wellbeing!

    Eco-Friendly Living

    Off-grid living is eco-friendly living. You are responsible for your resources, and you see exactly where they come from. Living off-grid usually means you start to consume less resources than you produce. It also teaches you to use less electricity, recycle water, and minimize wasteful tendencies.

    Healthy Living

    Off-grid living is an active lifestyle - it involves working and playing in nature, giving you constant exercise. It also does wonders for your diet! You get greater control over what you put in your body, and since you're growing your own food, you're mostly eating nutritious, organic food. Plus, you're constantly surrounded by nature, and this does wonders for your mind, too!

    No Utility Bills

    Monthly utility bills? Not in off-grid living! Going off-grid means finding alternatives for power, water, and waste management. There's no contracts with electricity companies or water companies, no bills, and no reliance on their infrastructure. Once you set yourself up, you'll have everything you need, without the monthly bills!

    Self Sufficiency

    Living off-grid makes you more self-sufficient. Rather than relying on infrastructure and shops to sustain your life, you have to utilize available resources. You have to generate your own power, harvest and recycle your own water, grow your own produce and rear your own animals. You become independent and no longer rely on a system that can fail at any time.

    Learn New Skills

    Keeping yourself alive requires a lot of survival skills. You gotta know how to build shelter, grow food, and fix things. If you're coming from big city life, this may be quite a learning curve, but you'll master lots of new skills! The best bit, is that all this learning will be hands on, and in nature! Not only will you learn things yourself, but you will preserve knowledge for future generations, too!

    Sense of Accomplishment

    Deciding to move off-grid means deciding to build your own life - literally. It means building your own shelter, growing your own food, and learning new skills in the process. You become solely responsible for your wellbeing and your lifestyle, and there's a very rewarding sense of accomplishment that comes with that! Imagine walking into your home knowing you built it, and biting into a piece of fruit you grew yourself - these are the things that will give you a sense of pride and achievement!

    Safety and Security

    Living in your own home and off-the-land gives you security in a myriad of ways! You're not affected by infrastructure breakdowns, and you're not dependent on the economic climate. These things alone give you peace of mind! But, what's more is that you're also far away from the crime-infested city, safe in your private paradise.

    Living Unplugged

    Living away from the hustle and bustle of society, and away from media and technology that dominate our lives is incredibly therapeutic! It allows you to live in reality rather than in the digital world, and to immerse yourself in nature, rather than in a screen. You get to disconnect, slow down, and jump out of the rat race, spending your time on meaningful tasks and connections, instead.


    Moving into an off-grid situation is the perfect opportunity to declutter your life. It allows you to sort through your belongings, keeping only what is truly necessary and meaningful to you. You become less attached to material possessions and more appreciative of genuine connections to others and to your environment.

    Eliminate Unnecessary Spending

    Living in society is expensive. But when you're living in the wilderness, keeping up with the Jones' just isn't a thing! There's no need for fancy cars or designer handbags. No unnecessary shopping or eating out. You spend less, and become less wasteful.

    Meaningful Connections

    When you're not busy commuting and working 9-5, your schedule is your own, and you get to spend a lot more quality time with your family. You get to work on your property together, creating beautiful memories, with no stress or distractions. You also become part of a local community, surrounded by like-minded individuals who are as passionate about sustainability and the outdoors as you are. You get to build genuine, long-lasting friendships with people who will celebrate with you in the best of times, and help you out in the worst.


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