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    The PGDB have released the Vehicle Inspection Guide... So what does it mean for Composting Toilets in RVs? 

    12 Dec 2023

    Now that both the new Self Containment Regulations and the Vehicle Inspection Guide have been released, we have some long-awaited clarity on the status of composting toilets in RVs.

    Good news, composting toilets are still compliant, provided they meet certain criteria. In Layman's terms, composting toilets in RVs need to:

    • — Have the base of the toilet permanently fixed to the vehicle. The base must not be removed to empty human waste.
    • — Have chambers that are designed to store human waste securely and hygienically.
    • — Be 'built-for-purpose' and constructed from suitable fittings and materials.
    • — Ventilate the chambers directly to the exterior of the motor vehicle.
    • — Be of sufficient size and volume to operate for a minimum of 3 days for the maximum number of occupants for which the vehicle is certified (blackwater tank capacity is a minimum of 1L per person, per day).

    See it for yourself... Follow the links below

    See an infographic from the PGDB website, illustrating the new self-containment requirements here.
    See the Self-Contained Vehicles Regulations 2023 in full here.
    See the Vehicle Inspection Guidance in full here.


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