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    SKU: ACC-UDR-300X1000
    Universal Drain kit provides a suitable land-application-system for all composting toilet systems with a user capacity of 1 to 4 people full time.

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    The drain kit comes with 700mm of pipe. Extend this pipe to move the soak pit further out.

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    SKU: ACC-UDR-300X1000

    Universal Drain | Soak Pit Kit 300

    300mm Diameter by 1000mm Deep Soak Pit Kit

    Includes the following:

    DWV-PVC-40mm-Diameter pipe lengths;

    700mm-Run / 200mm-Drip /350mm-Breather
    4 X 40mm PVC Pipe Jointers & Fittings


    PVC Glue
    Drainage Geo-Cloth
    4 X SAP7 bags 20kgs (80kgs)
    Geo-Cloth & ZIP-tie

    Soak Pit Diagram (hardcopy)


    Two Sullage Hose Connection Options

    Additional 40mm 1-meter pipe extension available - See options

    Suitable for standard leachate drains where there is a > 2.2-meter-deep water table


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