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    Universal Drain | Standard Arch Drainage Kit

    SKU: Uni-ADK
    This is the standard drain kit is for Nature Loo™, Clivus Multrum™, Ecolet™ NE and Sun-Mar™ A/F system ranges. The Arch Drain Kit will suit most situations where a trench/soak-away is required.

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    If you are using a drain kit for any of the Ecolet NE Separera (Urine Diversion) and Sun-Mar NE (A/F Micro Flush) range you will need a larger drain to deal with urine diversion or liquid overflows

    Add one extension for the Ecolet NE Separera range
    Add two extensions for the Sun-Mar NE (A/F Micro Flush) range

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    WCTNZ™ - Standard Drain Kit

    For Nature Loo™, Clivus Multrum™, Ecolet™ NE and  Sun-Mar™ A/F  system ranges



    The WCTNZ™ Standard Arch Drainage Kit includes

    • Drain arch 700mm with
    • Drain arch end caps
    • Geotextile
    • 50mmPVC DWV Feeder Pipe & Treaded Fitting
    • 25mm Barb Fitting*

    *To fit the 25mm Lilic sullage drain pipe from the WCT system. No PVC fitting supplied


    Excess Liquid Drain Options

    The drainage system to be chosen depends entirely on the soil condition, groundwater level, and local regulation.

    Two drainage options are recommended as below:

    Absorption Trench
    This is the normal method for disposal of excess liquid but refer to the council for a permit for any specific requirements.


    Holding Tank
    This is suited for the use of a CM2 in mobile homes or campers.

    1. Dig a trench in a position located in front of the liquid end product drain.
    2. The trench is to be located in the soil of good permeability and in a position where groundwater will not flood the unit.
    3. If there is some doubt as to the permeability of the soil, extra trenching length may be required especially if a hand basin or other fittings will also drain to the same trench.
    4. The liquid leaving the compost unit when in use is not expected to exceed 1 litre per day per resident.
    5. In some locations it may be desirable or necessary to connect the excess liquid drain to a greywater system or an alternative disposal method complying with AS/NZS 1547:2012.

    Note; Trench dimensions and construction are to be in accordance with AS/NZS 1547:2012

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