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          SKU: ACC-UV-100-VPK
          100mm DWV (Drain Waste Vent) PVC Pipe Kit suitable for most situations where a 100mm vent stack is required. Compatible with all Nature Loo™ systems, all Clivus Multrum™ systems, Sun-Mar™ Excel NE and Sun-Mar™ Centrex NE systems.

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          100mm DWV (Drain Waste Vent) PVC Pipe Kit

          Compatible with all Nature Loo™, all Clivus Multrum™, Sun-Mar™ Excel NE and Sun-Mar™ Centrex NE systems.


          Includes the following;

          Three 1000mm (1meter) DWV-PVC-100mm-diameter pipe lengths

          Three 100mm PVC pipe saddles

          Two 100mm PVC pipe straight jointers

          One 125ml PVC Cement Glue (pipe joins)

          30mm SS Screw kit with RAW Plugs (saddle wall fastening)

          Suitable for a standard single-story dwelling. Additional pipe lengths are required for higher buildings.

          (1000mm per extension + one straight jointer)

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