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    WCT | Sun Mix Green

    Manufacturer: Sun-Mar™
    This multimedia mix of organic carbon bulking materials is best suited for all A/F (airflow) and Self-Contained Sun-Mar systems
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    WCT | Sun Mix Green

    This Mixture of special grade wood shaving and COCO peat has been formulated because of its biodegradability and hygroscopic qualities property that works best in the Sun-Mar moisture management system

    9kg avg Bag/35 Litre Bag — Bulking Agent Mixture

    Packaging: Compostable paper bags

    All Sustainably resourced; 100% produced from kiln-dried NZ pine and COCO Peat

    Mixture features

    • High hygroscopic qualities
    • Good Biodegradability

    Recommend for all A/F (airflow) and Self-Contained Sun-Mar systems as starter bed, composting systems setup and daily use.

    Composting with CARBON/NITROGEN (C:N) RATIO

    Human waste has a carbon to nitrogen ratio less than 10 parts carbon, whereas the optimum C:N ratio for composting human dejecta (waste) is 20-30 parts carbon. A bulking agent with a high C:N ratio is therefore preferred, as this allows a smaller quantity of the agent to be used in comparison with other materials.

    Representative ratios for commonly available bulking agents are shown below to indicate the relative ability of the materials to provide additional carbon.


    • 650 Softwood shavings
    • 550 Hardwood shavings
    • 500 Newsprint
    • 500 Softwood bark
    • 450 Sawdust
    • 130 Wheat straw
    • 120 Rice hulls
    • 80 Straw - general
    • 60 Leaves and shrub trimmings

    Not Recommended;

    • 20 Grass clippings
    • 20 Hay
    • 20 Vegetable scraps
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