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          What are Compost Treatments and Why do you Need Them?

          What are Compost Treatments and Why do you Need Them?

          Generally, the health of a compost pile is relatively simple to maintain. But sometimes, things do go awry. If not maintained correctly, the pile can get too wet, too dry, fly ridden, or damaged by harsh chemicals. That is where Compost Treatments come in - they are used to fix composting problems: unbalanced piles, dead piles, fly strike, etc.

          Detailed below, is our range of Compost Treatments and their use. Note, these products have great prophylactic properties and when used regularly, are great for preventing problems from arising in the first place. Consider using them as regular additives in the future - for more info, read What are Compost Additives and Why do you Need Them?

          Compost Black

          Why use it: Compost Black is used to fix compost piles that are too wet and imbalanced in carbon proportions (lacking bulking agent). A wet pile can turn the compost anaerobic, releasing gasses which make it smell.
          What is it: Compost Black is an ammonia absorbing bacterial substrate which regulates pH balance and improves microbial activity in compost, acting as a catalyst for thermal breakdown. 
          How to use it: For mixing systems - add 2 cups and mix the system, once a day for 3 days. For non-mixing systems - add 1 cup over the top layer of the compost, once a day for 3 days. Do not exceed 25% of the volume of your bulking agent.

          Compost Green

          Why use it: Compost Green is used to fix a smelly compost pile which has turned anaerobic as a result of being too wet and lacking carbon (bulking agent). It is a powerful treatment great for odour-snapping and balancing the system.
          What is it: Compost Green is a powerful treatment which absorbs ammonia, balances pH levels, encourages bacteriological growth by maximizing surface for its activity, and acts as a catalyst for thermal breakdown.
          How to use it: Sprinkle a layer of Compost Green over the top of your compost pile - use 1 cup (compost green is a fine powder, so 1 cup goes a long way).

          Nature Flush Enzymes

          Why use it: Nature Flush Enzymes is great for re-hydrating and re-activating compost piles that are too dry, and for balancing the pH of compost piles that are too wet.
          What is it: Nature Flush Enzymes is an enzyme-rich universal cleaner that is safe for compost, and facilitates the health of the compost pile. It is an enzyme surfactant which balances pH levels and improves the enzymatic function of compost, helping natural bacteria grow.
          How to use it: To re-hydrate a dry pile, add 1L of concentrated dosage to the compost pile (1:10 - 1 part Nature Flush Enzymes to 10 parts water). To balance the pH of a wet compost, add 1 cup of concentrate to the compost - this gives the system an enzyme shock and gets the enzymes to the core of the mass.

          DEEM Triple Defence Plant Spray

          Why use it: Use DEEM Triple Defence Plant Spray to combat fly strike, which results from imbalances in composting. Use in conjunction with DEBug Diatomaceous Earth to kill insects' life cycle, and Nature Flush Enzymes to re-balance compost pH and encourage microbial activity.
          What is it: DEEM Triple Effect Plant Spray is a non-toxic, organic insect spray designed to repel and control over 200 species of insects.
          How to use is: Give the compost pile 10-20 sprays to treat fly strike, then spray once daily for 3 days or until flies are gone.

          DEBug Diatomaceous Earth

          Why use it: DEBug Diatomaceous Earth is used to combat fly strike - it kills larvae in the compost mass.
          What is it: DEBug Diatomaceous Earth is a non-toxic, chemical free insect control treatment. It is a fine powder which absorbs lipids from the waxy outer layer of insect exoskeletons, and causes them to die from dehydration.
          How to use it: For mixing systems - add 2 cups of Diatomaceous Earth to the compost, give it a mix, then sprinkle another 2 cups over the top layer. For non-mixing systems - sprinkle 2 cups over the top of the compost.

          BBL Tamper Spray Concentrate

          Why use it: BBL Tamper Spray concentrate is used to fix compost piles that are too wet by taking them out of acidic conditions, and to fix piles that have been exposed to harsh chemicals by re-introducing microbial activity to them.
          What is it: BBL Tamper Spray is a truly microbiologically active compost treatment that adds bacteria into the pile, facilitating breakdown of materials within. It also acts as an insect repellent.
          How to use it: Add 1-2L of BBL Tamper Spray solution to the compost pile to fix a wet pile - use a 1:10 solution (1 part BBL Tamper Spray concentrate to 10 parts water). If the pile is seriously poisoned (e.g. used with no bulking agent for months on end or killed by addition of harsh chemicals), you will need to do a shock treatment at max concentrate - in this case, use 1-2L of the BBL Tamper Spray concentrate on its own. This is a way to recover a destroyed system without having to empty the compost and start again.


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