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    Why a Composting Toilet is a Smart Addition to Your Home as a Secondary or Backup Toilet

    Why a Composting Toilet is a Smart Addition to Your Home as a Secondary or Backup Toilet

    We all know how it goes - you have a family and one toilet between the lot of you. And, whenever you need to use it, you can just about guarantee someone else is already in there. Rushed mornings, toilet queues, arguments as to who gets to go first and warm seats that provide all too much familiarity... Perhaps it's time to think about a second toilet. You could put one in a sleepout, into a garage conversion, or better yet, into an en-suite, so that you can have it all to yourself!

    Looking for convenience and easy installation? Grab yourself a composting toilet! Avoid extensive plumbing works and expensive connections to sewer lines or septic tanks, and make nutrient-rich fertilizer while you're at it.

    Aside from the obvious ecological benefits, composting toilets are great from a convenience point of view, too. They're easy to install, easy to manage, provide flexibility in placement and make your home more resilient to disasters.

    Here is why composting toilets are great as secondary or backup toilets:

    Easy Installation

    Composting toilets offer hassle-free installation. They don't rely on connections to mains or septic tanks, so the installation process is simplified. The absence of complex plumbing and external infrastructure allows for flexible placement options, too. Installing a composting toilet is relatively straightforward and can be accomplished with basic DIY skills (although we always recommend you use a registered plumber). 

    Independence from Mains and Septic Systems

    In certain situations, connecting to the mains or septic systems may not be practical or cost-effective. This could be the case for remote or off-grid properties, baches, or locations with limited access to sewage infrastructure. Composting toilets offer a viable alternative, providing independence from these systems while maintaining sanitation standards. By opting for a composting toilet in your sleepout, garage or en-suite, you eliminate the need for costly and complex plumbing installations, making it an ideal choice for properties where traditional connections are impractical.

    Perfect for Second-Floor Installations

    Self-contained composting toilets that don't require drainage are particularly well-suited for second-floor installations. A urine diversion-to-container system is the simplest solution and can be placed just about anywhere. In contrast, conventional toilets require complex plumbing arrangements to ensure proper drainage and waste disposal. In second-floor installations, this may mean extensive structural modifications and increased plumbing costs. Opting for a composting toilet on the second floor allows you to enjoy the convenience of a nearby bathroom without the logistical and financial challenges typically associated with traditional plumbing.

    Compact Design for Small Spaces and En-suite Bathrooms

    If you've got limited space, you'll require a fixture that is compact yet functional. Composting toilets are available in a variety of sizes and designs, and many are specifically designed to maximize space utilization. Whether you have a small en-suite or a compact layout elsewhere, a composting toilet will fit seamlessly into your space.

    Emergency Backup in Times of Disaster

    Installing a backup composting toilet is a great way to ensure your needs are taken care of, even if disaster strikes. Composting toilets don't require water, septic tanks or external sewage connections, which means they keep functioning even if traditional infrastructure fails, water becomes scarce, septic systems break down, or sewerage networks suffer damage. Composting toilets provide a safe and hygienic toileting solution, ensuring the comfort and well-being of your family even in challenging circumstances.

    WCTNZ® Recommends the Following Systems for Secondary or Backup Toilet Applications

    EcoLet Separera Mini Composting Toilet Urine Container

    EcoLet™ Separera Mini Urine Container

    Nice and compact, this system has a stylish look that'll fit into any bathroom. This model diverts urine to a container, which can be emptied into your primary septic/mains connected toilet. Solids are gathered in a separate chamber, lined with compostable bags for cleanliness and ease of emptying. Without the need for drainage, this system is perfect for second-storey applications and installation is straightforward. Simply secure to the floor, put together a vent stack, and you're good to go!

    EcoLet™ Separera Mini Urine Extraction

    Similar to the model above, this system is compact and perfect for small spaces. Urine is diverted to a soak-pit through a pipe, while solids are gathered in a separate chamber which is lined with compostable bags for easy maintenance and convenience. This model is easy to install but, as it requires connection to a soak-away, it is best installed on the ground floor, otherwise additional plumbing will have to be slipped up for second storey installs.


    Need help choosing a system? Call WCTNZ® on 0800 022 027 for free advice on system specification and setup. Advanced design consultancy services are also available.

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