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    Why are Composting Toilets Good for the Environment?

    We all like eating nutritious food and drinking clean water, but, reality is, the valuable resources that make these things possible are in decline. World supply of fresh water is steadily decreasing, as are our top soil levels.

    With forest fires raging, waterways being poisoned, deforestation taking place and all sorts of natural disasters reigning havoc, it may seem like the world is in an irreversible state of chaos... But, if you choose to take responsibility for the waste you generate, you can have a significant positive impact on the planet. Composting toilets are a big step towards eco-friendly living - they contribute to a system of sustainability, and help preserve valuable resources for future generations.

    Composting toilets reduce usage of water and keep human excreta out of waste treatment facilities, turning it into a valuable resource that keeps top soils healthy.

    Aggressive farming practices lead to top soil loss, increasing our dependence on chemical fertilizers. Not only do these fertilizers lack in numerous microorganisms necessary for growing truly healthy plants, they also run off and pollute our waterways! Composting toilets, on the other hand, contribute to the nutrient cycle. They take human excreta and turn it into a high-quality, pathogen-free, nutrient dense compost, allowing for sustainable agricultural practices.

    Composting toilets also decrease our reliance on chemicals to treat waste, and because they don't need a septic tank, they eliminate the danger of a septic tank leaking toxic waste into the environment!

    As a bonus, a byproduct of composting toilet ownership is increased awareness of your impact on the environment, which often leads to a less wasteful, more eco-friendly lifestyle in general.

    Our planet has limited resources, and the way these are used and recycled has a direct impact on the planet's ability to sustain life. When human excreta is treated as waste, an important part of the nutrient cycle is broken - top soils suffer, water is soiled and flushed away, and chemicals pollute our waterways. Composting toilets are an important tool in the environmental toolbox, and can help you become more eco-friendly.

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