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          SKU: CM-CM14PAC
          If you’re in a large household with extended family then it’s especially important that you choose a composting toilet that will meet the demands of your household. The CM14 has a capacity of 8-9 people for full-time use. That makes this system a great choice for large family homes, and also small public facilities.

          Choose the Product options below


          Please select the primary pedestal (toilet fixture) option you would like to accompany your composting system.

          Note; that the Urine-Diversion (UD) pedestal option is most suitable where there is high use in peek or large family gatherings.

          Note; that with Urine Diversion, it is recommended that the compost mass is kept wet to avoid the pile drying out. Consider getting the hand-held bidet sprayer accessory for facilitating the hydration of compost.

          Please select the second pedestal (toilet fixture) option you would like to accompany your composting system. Optional (Leave NIL if you would only purchase a single pedestal for this system).


          A hardwearing Nano-Ceramic Non-Stick Coating is applied onto the inner side of the Pedestal (toilet fixture) for maximum cleanliness.

          Note; basic cleaning will still be required.

          Note; non-stick is hydrophobic and repels liquids only.

          Series Fan Housing Setup or Parallel Fan Housing Setup

          Series Fan Housing Setup;

          Use an additional fan for when there are two or more pedestals (toilets) connected to one CM tank

          This kit contains two inline housings and a connector

          Two fans of different value can be selected

          Parallel Fan Housing Setup; Dual Vent stack

          Use an additional fan for when there are two or more pedestals (toilets) connected to one CM tank

          This kit contains two inline housings, Y-pipe section, one addtional rain cap (Dual Vent stack)

          Two fans of the same value will need to be selected


          Choose the fan voltage to match your power system. (Add additional fan units for replacement parts).

          All ELV (Extra Low Voltage) (12v-48V) are suitable for Off-grid power systems.

          Add a wind-driven vent to create redundancy.
          The wind-driven vent will assist the fan under heavy wind conditions and keep the system going in case of power outage or fan failure.

          Required for adaption to smaller vent pipes.

          Note: systems with 50mm piping will require a mounting stay (not supplied).

          Availability: Availability - ON BACK-ORDER - Call for availability
          Old price: $865.22 excl GST
          $9,086.82 excl GST
          excluding shipping
          Dispatch; Transport Time Frames: Assembled to your specifications / 4 to 6 Weeks Estimated Time of Arrival
          i h

           AVAILABILITY ETA: Expected to arrive in November, purchasing will be available when the product is in stock.

          Clivus Multrum Logo

          If you're looking for a composting toilet solution that is perfect for a large family home, then look no further than the CM14 Next-Gen

          The CM8 Next-Gen is designed to be used by 9 people full time or up to 19 people part-time (intermittent use). These systems are made from high-quality materials and are built to stand the test of time

          All the Clivus Multrum™ Systems from the 8 to the 40 come with high-quality pedestals, which means it’s designed to look great in your bathroom while also being completely functional

          The CM14 NextGen is ideal for larger households with more than one toilet and small public facilities, especially where two pedestals are required

          CM14 NextGen is certified to the Australian & New Zealand Standard 1546.2 and has been approved in all regions

          The products are approved only if installed as per the installation manual




          Innovations Features:

          • Set and forget - minimal maintenance required
          • The lowest profile of all Clivus Multrum continuous tank solutions when partially buried- requires only 475mm minimum underfloor clearance.
          • Increased volume of compost through the design of sloping sides
          • Excellent high usage alternative to sewerage
          • The new shape reduces the likelihood of blockage of the drainage system

          A CM14 Tank Package comes with EVERYTHING you need:

          • Fully assembled composting tank
          • Porcelain pedestal and soft close seat
          • Pedestal waste chute (550mm) and dektite
          • 100mm ventilation and drain kit
          • Installation kit and maintenance tool 

          AS/NZS 1546.2:2008 - On-site domestic wastewater treatment units - Waterless composting toilets

          SAI GLOBAL Certified Technology

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