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    Living with a Composting Toilet System

    The basics of living with a composting toilet - what they're like and how they work.

    Aren’t composting toilets the same as long drops?

    Can I see down the toilet like some long drops?

    Do waterless composting toilets smell?

    Do I need special toilet paper?

    Can I still clean my toilet like a flushing toilet?

    Can I add water as part of the cleaning processes?

    What are the best cleaners?

    Installing a Composting Toilet Systems

    Some technical stuff - how to choose the right composting toilet for your needs, and what you need to install it.

    Can I get a system that is sized and suited to my requirements?

    Are they easy to install and maintain?

    What if I have no power or am off-grid?

    How does a composting toilet affect what system I use for greywater?

    Will the system be acceptable to the Local Authority for building approval?

    Keeping a Waterless Composting Toilet alive and well fed

    How to keep your composting toilet composting - what you can and can't add to the compost to keep it healthy and active.

    What materials are recommended for use as bulking agents?

    Do I need to add special bacteria?

    Things NOT to add to your composting toilet system!

    Will female sanitary items compost?

    Can I use worms and/or food scraps?

    Composting finished product & what to do with it

    The final product - what the composted material is like and its applications

    Is the end compost safe to handle?

    Will there be lots of compost after 12 months?